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  1. Just popped in to say hi... You might see me a bit more often again these days. high school mate started GW2 and asked if I wanted to join him.. so.. sometimes.. I shall be online again! *note, opening post is still outdated.. cause I'm just a normal scrubby member now *
  2. Somebody Somebody... Tharaqon is (semi) back! Asbelix#8679 Lelling: confirmed
  3. Tharaqon

    Critical Role!

    I recently started playing D&D for the first time (2 sessions total) and it definitely does not fill my need for D&D, so I started watching acquisitions incorporated. but they dont have many shows sadly, and I've already ran out. Then I remembered I saw this here and checked it out. done first two episodes now, and not planning to stop any time soon. (chat is distracting though, sometimes I find myself rewinding because I missed the DM saying something important..)
  4. hmm Rift.. I have played that for over 3000 hours, and can say it's an extremely good game, very little things to remark there. guild does make a big difference there in keeping the game interesting. without my guild I wouldn't have hit even 500 hours. (where gw2 can be kept interesting ish alone, rift not so much). TERA I did play and enjoy boatloads, but I didn't play for long. I started it with RL friends, but as they quit, I couldn't be bothered picking it up again. was the first game with actual action combat, where skill was more important than button mashing. edit: I just got some news from a fellow guild from RIFT, that rift is basically dead. the developers screwed over the game big time. Might not be the best option for the moment. if you're interested in details: https://www.reddit.com/r/Rift/comments/3z3bbb/apotheosys_says_goodbye/
  5. I might have missed it somewhere, but is there any info on the pay format? is it sub/p2p/f2p and if f2p, how p2w is it?
  6. @otretas, for me personally that's because I find WT a bit bland.. a few good songs, but the rest so so similar all the time :\ still enjoy it once in a while though. but for now: A7X was a band I was missing
  7. agreed.. another thing would be money grabbing. not too bad in GW2, but being forced to either sell your soul in game, or spend real cash on mastery points (living season 2..) is... annoying.
  8. one of my favorite pieces from the whole score
  9. Fine, but it's so hard to pick D: (promises myself I shall post one video here every day :P)
  10. Fine cyan! but there's too much D: When I'm working/studying I often listen to more classical/epic music types, whilst when I'm gaming or something it's often heavy metal stuffs For the classical/epic music: Edvard Grieg (especially Peer Gynt; the anno game series may or may not have helped in this.. also my dad ) Beethoven (and some others also, just the typical classic stuffs) PianoGuys Kyle Landry Two Steps From Hell Hans Zimmer (and similar) For metal: Nightwish Delain Stream of Passion Disturbed Metallica (sometimes) and whatever spotify throws at me based on those artists
  11. Tharaqon

    Reveal yourself

    Why don't you give the public something to work off dec? let us be the judge Also, I am terribad in pictures.. so you'll just have to do with my avatar ^^
  12. My Character! I just threw together some cool looking armor, and ended up with a medieval/byzanthian knight like look.. thought the greyish/blueish fit nicely... and of course some action shots My character! along with my lovely (non fitting) ascended greatsword.. (still need to find a fitting skin for GS) My character's offweapon, the longbow! And my eggblocking stance.. most of the time at least Cheers! Tharaqon p.s. This may or may not be on the roof of crafting hall in LA..
  13. Oh I did miss the 4th point, my bad then. And yea, together we're better than alone as susi said so I figured ^^ Again, great guide! also, I like how you changed 'absolutely a waste of resources' to most people consider..'
  14. I am one of those nutheads that also likes fractals, and found 4 things I would like to add: 1st: Some people have the misconception that your rings must be infused before you can attune them. This is NOT the case, you can attune ANY ascended ring. This makes it so much easier to reach the mid-high ranks a bit faster.. and since attuning a ring costs ~24 silver, it's well worth the cost. 2nd: In order to be able to attune a ring, you ALSO need HoT (just like for the +7 versatile infusions). So yea.. f2p has a bit of a tough time here. (this is because you need to unlock the merchant in your mastery tree). 3rd: To upgrade agony infusions (the +1, +2, +3 etc) you can either craft as artificer as arvinthis said with 2*n infusions + 1 catalyst = 1 n+1 infusion OR (again, needs HoT) 'buy' the upgrades from the same merchant as for attuning rings and getting the +7s. He does not allow buying all ranks, but the ranks he does sell are exactly as expensive as crafting yourself via artificer. I believe he sells all odd valued agony infusions up untill +9 or +11.. but I haven't looked into that much because I have an artificer. I just know it's possible to do it via merchant 4th: For those with HoT and the mastery, the same merchant as mentioned a bazillion times already, also sells extraction devices. so you don't have to destroy all your lovely infusions every time you upgrade something. sells for I believe 24 silver as well.. again well worth it. for the rest, good guide. might have helped me if it existed sooner Cheers, Tharaqon edit: thought of 4th thing
  15. That mustache at 1:47 though... it's epic! and the rest of the video as well
  16. Heya all! I thought it would be nice to open a thread where everybody can share their screenshots of beautiful views, funny glitches or just something noteworthy. I'll start this off with a crafting-hall-roof-dance-party! A few weeks back I learned how to climb on top of the crafting hall in LA, which seems to be like something that not many people know how to do. But when you reach the top of the roof, you are welcomed by an awesome view over all of LA. In other words, the perfect place for a dance party! The two people with me are Ara and somebody who I forgot the name of...(sorry!) Let's see if this posting images works.. Cheers! Tharaqon
  17. I bid thee all hello! I am Tharaqon, one of the (currently) trainee-commanders of The Open Community. I am a 21 year old, long haired male metal head who wast... spends his time in online adventures all around Tyria and Maguuma. Other than GW2 I play Just Cause 3 lately, for some (much needed!) stress relieve. In the real life (which is quite scary) I spend time playing the piano and studying electrical Engineering, at the university of Twente, The Netherlands. I think that's all there is to say.. I'll probably see you on teamspeak some day. Or not, thats also fine Cheers, Tharaqon


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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