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DV Public Discord!

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From the DV discord:


Hey folks!

With March coming round and DV reunifying from 2 guilds into one, we've decided to step back from the idea of working on the DV Discord for a while. What does this mean?
- The welcome mail for new members will no longer mention the DV discord
- We're suspending any plans we had for the public discord channels (as not much has been happening in them anyway, we're not really stopping anything active)
- We will continue to use the discord with @Coordinator and @Mail Helpers as that's been our main use for it up to now
- Any new Coordinators or Mail Helpers will be added to the discord manually
- We are going to keep an eye out for other active uses for Discord and keep everyone updated if there are any changes

You can safely leave the discord without any issues :D You can also stay in the discord if you want, as we might bring back the idea of using it more actively in the future - if we do, we'll inform the guild in-game as well as on the forums  :D 

We first started up the discord with two specific goals - one was to create a bridge between our two DV guilds, and the other was so facilitate the raid teams we were working on at the time. However, for a lot of people, it appears that coming to discord was too much effort for raids (I guess they were in for a surprise once they actually started raiding :D), so that idea never really took off, and with reunifying DV-2 and DV-1 back into one DV guild, it's also no longer needed in that respect.

We did like the idea of using Discord to chat with members outside of the game, however it seems the interest for that was not that large either. Since the discord is fairly quiet in the chat channels, we thought it was about time we stopped inviting every new member that joins the guild to it :D A lot of newer members are also often confused and expecting us to use Discord for voice chat :D 

It is highly likely that at some point in the future we'll have additional uses for it, or even once again open it up as a public chat platform for all DV members, but at the moment we have plans to focus on in-game stuff instead ^^

For those interested in interacting with other active community members or receiving event notifications through a subscribable channel on Discord, we suggest joining the official OpenCommunity discord!

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