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  1. TT starts now, so Hello.

    Yay a Triple Trouble enthusiast Welcome!
  2. @Lelling That idle animation where it shakes and your character is like: Can you not?! is just the best
  3. Comment you screenshots from our release party below! Upvote your favourites!
  4. PoF Release Party

    Teamspeak: Recommened The new expansion pack Path of Fire is set to release at 'approximately' 6pm CEST (16:00 UTC), so while we attempt to contain our excitement we'll be conducting events and shenanigans in a special expansion release channel on the community teamspeak server! Feel free to drop in and out at any point from the start through the afternoon, as we'll be running lots of little events to stay busy while the seconds tick down until launch! We will begin at around 3pm CEST (13:00 UTC), and will run mini games until the expansion launches, then we'll stay in the channel post-release, and try to keep spoilers to a minimum in case anyone wants to join in a little later!
  5. TT Special Role Training


    @Kandassa that's unfortunate :0 Sadly we usually use this spawn for training as the later one is when we organise the kill, perhaps some time we'll organise one on a weekend.
  6. until
    Teamspeak: Required Ever wondered about the secrets of Egg Blocking or the details of Husk Handling? Want to give either (or both) roles a try without the pressure of succeeding the event? In the early wurm spawn of Triple Trouble on Tuesday the 19th, we'll co-ordinate a spawn simply to practise these roles rather than to succeed, so no pressure! The commanders present will be providing an overview of what to do, as well as being available for any questions you might have! Everyone is welcome, don't worry about skill level at all - just bring the class you want to try (at least level 45) and we'll make it work from there ^^
  7. Streaming the OC deeds

    Definitely ask each commander before streaming their event, but I'd be happy to have you stream my Triple Trouble's Unfortunately commander's can't stream the events themselves as they'd be broadcasting all the talk in the Teamspeak Whisperlist to the viewers, otherwise I would
  8. Share your Desktop Screenie!

    @Lelling yep they work just like desktop icons, you can make them for any program and have it execute when clicked ^^ just needs 3 icons for base, rollover and click It's called Circle launcher for Rainmeter
  9. Share your Desktop Screenie!

    I like the idea of this thread so I thought I'd throw in my contribution!
  10. Help Boiz

    If you're on the discord drop an @here in the guild Wars chat channel and there'll probably be some people around to give it a go, just remember it gets harder for every multiple of 10 people you have!
  11. Help Boiz

    When do you want to do it? I'm sure we could throw some folks together ^^
  12. Greetings Earthlings

    Welcome! Hopefully we'll see you at plenty more Triple Trouble's to come! This is definitely also a good place to learn to raid (in my opinion), just start signing up to those introduction raids
  13. Ahai

    Welcome! Glad our Triple Trouble is to your liking, hope you continue to join us 😄
  14. until
    Time: 17:30 UTC, 19:30 CEST TeamSpeak: Required Have you ever fancied yourself a Triple Trouble Commander, or wondered what goes through the Commanders' heads during the event? On the 16th of August all your questions will be answered with a insight into the process of commanding a squad at the Triple Trouble World Boss! We're aiming to show that commanding really is something that anyone can do (with a little practice), so come along and see what it's all about! The Event will begin straight after the Early Wurm event concludes, and will continue until we run out of things to say, or until the start of the Late Wurm at 21:20 CEST. Teamspeak is a must as the commanders will be there explaining not just the usual mechanic, but also the intricacies of the event, special tactics and noteworthy tips and tricks. We'll also be answering any questions you might have!