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  1. The Rhodes solo on that last song, Glory, is seriously some far out space-out stuff. So good. Also, this was Bowie's band on Blackstar.
  2. These peeps are frikking GODS regarding music. Insane solos.
  3. For some reason, his water boiler made noises, even though it had declared it's dying breath ages ago as it lit his kitchen.
  4. This has been showing in tons of places on social media the past few days. AND RIGHTFULLY SO! So much groove!
  5. Aaah, this was a fun concert to experience live, although the Roy, the trumpet dude, was drugged into a pissed state, sadly. Still, amazing band. Also, people can't clap for shit.
  6. Been throwing this around on TeamSpeak for the past few days. Herbie truly is the king of the Fender Rhodes.
  7. Ham on top of the cheese or under the cheese?
  8. Gotta promote my national pride a bit!
  9. https://clyp.it/yerhxxef/ <--- LINK As requested by Jaina, this was a (video to audio) recording of the result of a bandcamp I went to last week. About 6 hours of practice in total, guided by Belgian drummer Teun Verbruggen (THE man when it comes to improvised music, at least for drummers here.) I play drums on here, but any feedback is welcome, it's a band after all. Stayed with sticks during the full performance since brushes broke during practice (read as: made too much unpleasant scratching sounds), so I apologize in advance for the bridge part of the first song's scat solo. Be warned, it's jazz. Playlist: Full House - Wes Montgomery Aung San Suu Kyu - Wayne Shorter Sly - Herbie Hancock
  10. until
    Event details Time: 16:00 UTC / 18:00 CEST Coordinator: Wafflemancer Come join us in our community weekend Awesomenauts event! We'll be playing this amazing game in various ways with some quirky twists and rules to it!
  11. Wafflemancer #9748 forum box does weird stuff Sithi: confirmed
  12. I need to learn to this game and figure out the information overflow.
  13. Gotta love this performance; The Neo-soul is real!


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