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  1. Haha, yeah I know that all too well! Welcome to the club
  2. Haha, yes that was me welcome to the forums my friend! Aaand, just for the record. Your character names are tha bomb ^^
  3. I have no idea... If you find it, it's your win ^^
  4. We have teamed up for this one, but all we can find is this... that's not the right place I think?
  5. Ooh yes Brave is awesome as well! Finally some girl power Disney-movies. @Miyaa where do I get that laugh I WANT IT I should watch the next episode right now!
  6. Nooooo! There must be some OUAT watchers here right? Although I don't expect you to all fangirl over Rumple as I do... (I didn't make this vid)
  7. If you're more into brevity, I just received this piece of awesome:
  8. Do you guys watch this show? It is amazing! And after months of waiting, we'll get a new episode in 3 days! ALSO I LOVE THIS VIDEO! This kid really knows how to fangirl!
  10. This beauty. And yes, I bumped into this music while majorly fangirling over Rumplestiltskin ^^
  11. And, of course, I'll start with the achievement that gave me this idea. YAY!
  12. What did you achieve in GW2 that you're most proud of? That can be an achievement, but maybe you have unlocked a really cool mastery or made a legendary weapon. Show the world! We like pictures ^^
  13. Trinzle

    Critical Role!

    YUSH, I'm going to watch some of those this week! I didn't know you knew LARPS btw *spams like button*
  14. Yay! Have you already watched all 6 seasons? wow nice! I've started watching again, paying more attention to the trivia (so many fun outtakes in them haha!) but I'm only halfway season 4. Then again, I have the attention span of a Pink Moa..
  15. LOL, the pet is controlling the ranger
  16. All the different keys for Every. Single. Map... Exalted keys. Machetes. Pact Crowbars. Vials of Chak Acid. Zephyrite Lockpicks. Not to mention all that SW stuff! Essences of Nightmares. Bandit Skeleton Keys. Shovels. Organ extraction devices. And! And! If you finally take up the grind to use them, what do they give you? Greens and blues! Which means endless TP and "You've placed too many orders" to get some gold. Let's delete that error while we're at it. I'll just be poor for now ^^
  17. Haha o that's so true, I can feel the resemblance! ^^ Vork was always my favourite, but I think I myself am a Clara by heart. .. I wonder who your Zaboo is.
  18. Ahhh yes Within Temptation! That's been ages This is a little different:
  19. I'd want to follow it with 5 chars probably, but I don't know the path either.
  20. No way! I do that every once in a while as well
  21. Oh Lelling you posted Amanda Palmer! I haven't heard her since The Dresden Dolls days. Nice. For my first song I proudly present a 'song' by one of my many fandoms, the Vlogbrothers: John and Hank Green!
  22. My sister got a new skateboard, so obviously I convinced her to do this: (our babie was too scared too hop on, but Rat will do anything for cookies)
  23. I don't have any pretty pictures from my parents place yet (hopefully soon), and since I live in a brick and concrete environment these days, I won't bore you with pictures of my own place. However! I live very close to The Efteling. For those of you that don't know it yet: it's a theme park about fairy tales. Amongst many other things, it has an enchanted forest, (the "Fairytale Forest") which is the cutest place in the world. In my spare time, I love to hang out there. This is beauty <3


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