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  1. Soulbeast condi dps/ Support Chrono (1514 toughness) Edit: Chronomancer Support, pls
  2. Riesor

    Keep Construct

    Soulbeast condi dps/Chrono support (1514 toughness in my commander/berserker gear) Rudeboy.4918 I'd like you to come with support Chronomancer ~Nasu
  3. Riesor

    First Kill Screenshots

    First kills of Slothasor and the Trio tonight with Viridian and Lacie
  4. Riesor

    First Kill Screenshots

    Had a great raid toni ght with Nasurelin and Cookie, killing the Vale Guardian and my very first kill of Gorseval
  5. Riesor

    The great patch griffon queue

    The crowd for Golem MkII was almost as impressive but not as coordinated...
  6. Riesor


    Soulbeast dps/Chrono rudeboy.4918 Edit: Chronomancer Support, pls
  7. Riesor

    Keep Construct

    Soulbeast DPS / Chrono support rudbeboy.4918 I'd like you to come with support Chronomancer ~Nasu
  8. Riesor

    Matthias Gabrel

    Rudeboy.4918 Signing up with my Chrono again (alternatively Soulbeast or condi/banner warrior). Edit: Chronomancer Support, pls
  9. Riesor

    Matthias Gabrel

    Rudeboy.4918 Soulbeast DPS / Standard Bearer Warrior / Chrono Edit: Chronomancer Support, pls
  10. Riesor

    Raid Introduction: Vale Guardian

    Rudeboy.4918 Soulbeast DPS / Standard Bearer Warrior / Chrono I'd like you to come with support Chrono ~Nasu
  11. Riesor

    Screenshot Reenactment Challenge - May 2018

    I have no friends so took a first one... but then some kind soul came and posed for me, so at least I got the Asura
  12. Riesor

    First Kill Screenshots

    Three first kills on my first ever GW2 raid!
  13. Riesor

    Bastion of the Penitent

    Rudeboy.4918 DPS (Condi Soulbeast) I also have a lesser geared Chronomancer, however I don't have much experience playing it. EDIT: Soulbeast DPS please