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  1. Actually that sentence has a very special meaning to me as well. It at some point becomes quite frustrating when your friend is busy answering and dealing with raid issues on one day in a week that was supposed to be reserved for doing something fun together.
  2. I am still fairly new do Diablo, but I joined as well :3
  3. That means that your comment is awaiting approval by a moderator. When you get accepted into a raid, your comment will get approved and you will receive a message telling you, that you got accepted into a raid
  4. Also from quaggan JP, a quaggan flower!
  5. That of course depends on your own preference, as some people prefer to switch classes around more. But at first it is generally better to focus on just one class that you know best, so you can get familiar with how the boss works, as playing a class you are more familiar with should allow you to pay more attention to the boss mechanics and get more comfortable with them. Also, fully mastering one class can get you and your group better results in a raid than trying to switch around multiple classes. As for the builds, again, at start, it is better to master one particular build, but as you progress, it doesn't hurt to learn all the other possibilities of what your class can do.
  6. Some of my (not so shiny) screenshots. Mostly quaggans. Quaggans going for a walk. Also notice our asura supervisor Taking over Divinity's Reach And finally, some more quaggans on the (l)edge
  7. Let me just say that I absolutely love your book selection - Pratchett, Gaiman, Colfer and especially Abhorsen trilogy, all of my favourites ^^ Also yay for Doctor Who and I can relate soo much to that problem with non-fiction books And of course, welcome!
  8. ^ There can only be that one Iggy! *just kidding* Since re-watching The Martian a few days ago, I've got this stuck in my head: Also: Kpop, yay! This call for an all time 'classic'
  9. I'm still not 100% happy with the look of my main, so I don't want to post her here yet... but a few days ago I've finally finished up leveling my necro, Froya Ehelsorn, and as a reward I decided to give her a little makeover aaand I think after that she quickly became my favourite (don't tell my guardian xD) ^^
  10. I wrote that, I think. Don't know about patch notes, but it was mentioned by one of the devs in AMA session on reddit, that the chance of getting ascended drop from fractals is a lot better now ^^ But maybe I just didn't understand it right, idk.
  11. I had no idea something this big was coming and it caught me totally unprepared I am still a little lost in the patch notes and I'm probably missing half the changes, but the highlight for me was definitely the level 80 boost and the shared inventory slot (didn't have any before). Even thought I might never use it, I still think it was an awesome thing to do... only now I'm afraid I will get stuck in that trial mode for too long Other than that, I completely agree with HoT maps and dungeons changes. The grind in HoT really got on my nerves, because it took forever to level up some of the masteries, so I really hope it will go at least a little faster now and as for dungeons I just hope this change will motivate more people to do them... I've only done a few and I'd really like to try out the harder ones. Also the token increase is awesome, I might actually get some dungeon armor someday! Don't know about fractals, I was doing them only for a short time before the patch hit. But I guess with those new achievements it won't be as repetitive and the increase of ascended drops also looks pretty promising. What I don't like is the reaper change, because I just finished leveling my necro, decided to go hybrid condi as it looked pretty viable and now I'm just not sure if I haven't wasted all that gold for nothing. But I'm not that experienced in this field to criticise the changes constructively. And yeah, I think that's pretty much it for now. In summary, I'm really happy with this patch (if I leave out the random crashing that occured and was hopefully fixed afterwards)
  12. Lacie

    Hey ^^

    Thank you No worries, I totally get that ^^ I absolutely love talking and speculating about these games, I only wish there were more people in my vicinity willing to let me talk their ears off
  13. Lacie

    Hey ^^

    Thanks to both of you :3 Same here! I totally didn't expect to see people from my country here, but now I'm pleasantly surprised ^^ Yeah, sorry about that, I don't talk much, but when I do, it usually ends like this And I second that, more Bioware!


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