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  1. I don't really play GW2 anymore and I am not sure if I ever will again play it as much as I used to, so I am currently a rather 'inactive' DV member, but I am really glad about this decision ^^ For me, DV was always like a core of OC, a guild that represented its ideals and felt 'safe', and I am happy to hear it will once again move in that direction rather than the event spamming platform it has became lately
  2. Actually that sentence has a very special meaning to me as well. It at some point becomes quite frustrating when your friend is busy answering and dealing with raid issues on one day in a week that was supposed to be reserved for doing something fun together.
  3. I am still fairly new do Diablo, but I joined as well :3
  4. That means that your comment is awaiting approval by a moderator. When you get accepted into a raid, your comment will get approved and you will receive a message telling you, that you got accepted into a raid
  5. Also from quaggan JP, a quaggan flower!
  6. That of course depends on your own preference, as some people prefer to switch classes around more. But at first it is generally better to focus on just one class that you know best, so you can get familiar with how the boss works, as playing a class you are more familiar with should allow you to pay more attention to the boss mechanics and get more comfortable with them. Also, fully mastering one class can get you and your group better results in a raid than trying to switch around multiple classes. As for the builds, again, at start, it is better to master one particular build, but as you progress, it doesn't hurt to learn all the other possibilities of what your class can do.
  7. Some of my (not so shiny) screenshots. Mostly quaggans. Quaggans going for a walk. Also notice our asura supervisor Taking over Divinity's Reach And finally, some more quaggans on the (l)edge
  8. Let me just say that I absolutely love your book selection - Pratchett, Gaiman, Colfer and especially Abhorsen trilogy, all of my favourites ^^ Also yay for Doctor Who and I can relate soo much to that problem with non-fiction books And of course, welcome!
  9. Heya everyone! ^^ I'm Lacie and I think I first joined DV in 2014 spring/summer after some TT runs, but then I left the game for a long time. And when I came back a few months ago, I decided that I just have to find that guild again.. in which I've obviously succeeded after some chaotic detective work (since I couldn't remember anything XD) And I'm really glad, since the game is really not that much fun, when you try to play everything on your own As far as GW2 goes, I'm pretty much completely new to certain aspects of the game (such as PvP, not doing that much or at all XD), but I'm always up for some events, fractals or dungeons (especially dungeons) if I have time, so don't be afraid to whisper me about that. Or if you just want someone to level up with, I have a lot of characters that reeaaally want to get to 80 ^^ My in-game name: Lacie.8213 | Seyana Ice (main), Froya Ehelsorn, Laera Nass and some others ^^
  10. I`m really starting to get confused as to how this works, but yeah in this case, I`d like to join the second squad as well, please The details are still the same: Seyana Ice - DPS Dragonhunter. Just need to know some time or date, as to when I can join, times I`m available are above or just contact me whenever I`m online (which is usually everyday, at least on evenings) or even here on the forums.
  11. ^ There can only be that one Iggy! *just kidding* Since re-watching The Martian a few days ago, I've got this stuck in my head: Also: Kpop, yay! This call for an all time 'classic'
  12. Gratz! Looking forward to this! I usually have some free time everyday, usually in afternoon/evening and on weekends I`m usually available the whole day, buut my exams are coming up, so I`d still prefer later hours (from 17/18 CEST to midnight, but with exception of sunday, tuesday and wednesday, I can stay up even after, and when exams start this will probably apply to the whole week). So far I know I won`t be online this saturday, then probably on May 13th and 20-22th (that will depend on how much studying I`ve done up to that point, so I can`t tell for sure yet). Also just feel free to contact me anytime I`m online in game or on ts if needed Aaand sent the guild join request through the forum, so that should be alright
  13. I`d love to join as well, however I`m a complete newbie regarding the raids - I haven`t even been to one yet, so if that`s not a problem (if it`d help I can at least watch some/read some walkthroughs). I can bring full zerker dps guardian/dragonhunter (mostly exotic gear with some ascended pieces, I can also get ascended trinkets except for backpiece if needed). And if this turns out to be a long time thing, I could also bring condi reaper, but she`s not properly geared yet. Lacie.8213, character name Seyana Ice.
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