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  1. Hi Rage I went on a summer vacation to Okinawa in Japan. The Aquarium is called the Churaumi Aquarium. The facility itself might be a bit underwhelming, because of the shear size of the main aquarium. It's along the west coast, so it shouldn't be to tough to reach, because the highway from the main city Naha only goes along the western coastline. You can also she a LOT of golden silk orb-weaver spiders everywhere on the island. I got about 20 pictures within a 3 day period to traumatize my good friend with. They also have a one or two snake parks around the island, but didn't check it out, because of a limited time schedule, but pamphlets often included a add for the parks. Regards Anders
  2. Saw the "EVERYTHING CUTE1" thread and felt very jealous I don't have a pet. So I decided to make a thread with pictures from my last holiday. I took a lot of pictures, which many would consider not so cute. I especially made sure to take a lot of spiders of spiders, because I have a friend with a fear of spiders. I apologies for the horrible snapchat photos, I have a weird obsession with that platform. Regards Anders Snapchat-1429350229454478393[1].mp4
  3. Pocket board games like Coup or Love Letter. I'll survive by bonding with other survivors... who hopefully don't simply steal my belongings or something worse.
  4. Heard a passing conversation on teamspeak about starting af rpg campaign set in Guild Wars. I'd love to sign up, but don't know where to go? I'll just look around the forums.
  5. Hello, very lovely community you've got and it's a cozy chat culture you've made on teamspeak. Only seen triple trouble events thess last few days, but I feel excited for what's to come! Greetings Anders
  6. Just started joining the TT events on august 9th and thought of trying out egg blocking since one of the commanders posted this link two days ago. I've tried egg-blocking the last to days and felt really prepared, but having other people there helped a lot though Thanks for the wonderful guide!


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