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[OLD - LOCKED] Raids are happening! [December 2016]

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You are seeing it correctly :-) after months and months of painfully having to wait and ask every single time it is finally there. 

!!! Raids Will Happen !!!

For the when however it is still a bit of a fitting things as there are only a limited number of days in a week that i am availible. so for that i have selected friday as the raiding evening. the time slot however is still a bit debatable and depends on the amount of people we can get.

In a post below I would like to see the follwoing information from you so that next monday 05-12-2016 I can book a permanent slot for it:

Account name/character name... so i can contact you

Professions that you have availible for raiding in AT LEAST ascended armor and level 80 off course

Either one of the following times which at CET ( I am Dutch so GMT +1) i believe: 19:00, 19:15 or 19:30

The more people respond the more we can set up for it so spread the word :-)

With much love and hugs

Tj Tyler

a.k.a the nutty Dutch guy

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Yeah CET = UTC+1 during winter.

Anytime from 20.30 pref 21h and later will go

characters with ascended gear in order of best /most played

Unstill life Necro/reaper

Sharleen Spiteri meser ...... Chronomancer

Aaricia the mad Revenant, just became full heralt

Aaricia Van Valnor Ranger , 50pt sort of full druid.

As Ascended Armor is not character bound, I can swap that to all other professions too, as i have a level 80 of each, but not with complete specialization though.

in more lesser played time : guardian (DH-50) /Warrior (B-195)/ele (T-40)/engi & thief (can't level Specialization with gathering for the last 2 that's how they became lvl 80)

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Account name: Sovereign.9016

I got all classes with more or less meta builds and geared with ascended but I'm not very proficient with all of them at least not for raid level.

I'm probably more efficient with the "heavy" classes.

As for hours any late afternoon or evening hours are fine for me as long as I know it about 1 day earlier so that I log in time.

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Lage.5761 / Melkor Doombringer

So far I have only Warrior/Berserker.

I have time like from 18:00 to 0:00 CET mostly everyday.

Need ascended a Mace and Shield for full gear.

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Heya Duck here, @LethiferousDuck@LethiferousDuck.9017


Sadly I do not have full ascended on any of my chars, only trinkets and 1/2 weapons each, I do, however, offer myself available as fill while I'm working on getting my gear, playing zerg thief, healer/condi druid or berserker (warrior).

Available from 19:00 so should be okay there.

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reason I am asking everyone to have ascanded armor at the least is so I can make a list of how many exotic wearing peeps I can take with me :-) 

So do not give up hope if you are not in full ascended :)

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Xaverri Nilai - Revenant - power based thingie

Have 4/6 armor ascended, weapons ascended, accessories all ascended (backpack, rings, etc)

Should be available from 19:30 even though that's pretty tight for some days. Other days might be on sooner.

Already downed VG and the escort thingie and have experience on Slothazor.


[Edit: 4/6 asc armor]

Edited by Xaverri

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SO after a talk with some friendly advice from a certain individual who shall remain unnamed I have come to the conclusion that the requirements were a bit to high for what we will be starting with.

We will begin with the escort to get the hang of things which means that full exotic on a lvl 80 character is needed to tag along. It has been told to me that this we can do without a problem.

After the escort is done there will be a split up where you can either choose to stay on the escort group or go for the right gear which means near full ascended to do the actual bosses.

So the sign ups begin again for the escort group with at the very least full exotic.

Monday I am going to fill in a document with names for myself to have an overvieuw and the first raid will be friday the 9th of decemeber 2016 at 20:00 GMT +1 (which I believe is also CET)

So let me hear if you want to be part of that coming friday :)


Tj TYler

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Account name: pyroelectricfusion.2540 / Zephyr Mistwalker

Classes (playtime/ease of use order) :

Mesmer/Chrono - full qt build

I like to swap trinkets to avoid having to use the 1g/30min Bountiful Sharpening Stones if that's okay:


  • Amulet -> for Exotic concentration-based one + plat doubloon for 97,66% boon duration 


  • Amulet + 1 Accessory -> for Ascended Commander's for 97,93% boon duration 

that should be enough according to this: https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/professions/mesmer/Boon-Duration-Cap-and-PvE-Chrono-Builds

Elementalist/Tempest - full qt build

Need some work on rotations, should be fine tho (especially if we decide beforehand which bosses we are going for the week so I can watch POVs/practice accordingly)

Ranger/Druid - only healer/magi variant (exotic armor - rest ascended)

Least played, but would like to practice more

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Acc: KittenCeleste.5689

I have both ranger and condi necro in full asc (though stats are tad all over the place atm as I usually just roam the jungle with them.. :$).

These are my two favs for playing and it'd be fun to dabble at raiding with one or both chars at some point.

My remaining chars/dust bunnies (one of each available class) are full exo with maybe weaps asc, but aren't used much. I don't mind playing other classes, but please forgive utter cluelessness and screw ups.. :x

Time wise I can usually push 19:00 CET/CEST and on with some advance notice, or before 12:00 CET/CEST, and all days are the same to me anyway be it a Sundy or a Tuesday :P

Best regards, 'bringer of hir balls and giggles'


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From now on every friday at 19:30 CET is raid time 

which means we are starting this friday with the escort to get ion the groeve of it all

this will take about 30-45 minutes from what I know 

so be there or be square


Your friendly raid commanders

Tj and Tubi

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I added some functions to the spreadsheet; number, account name and name are now automatically copied from the Build sheet to the Time and Boss sheets, so people don't have to put them in 3 times :D

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Hiya! Itachi.8915

Main char Xitchy, Elementalist with full ascended gear, he is power based, mix bteween Berserker and Svaards. Im useing Tempest build(Air/Fire).

Proffessions are Tailoring - 500. And Artificer 470. (Will hopefully reach 500 soon)

I can play any day as long as it's after 18ish, Im living in Sweden +1 CEST.

Im a fairly new player but I doubt it would be a problem. I havn't done any Raids so far, but I would gladly change that and see DV do all the raids in the future :)

I want to add that we all hopefully do this to have an adventure and finally be able to see what this game has to offer :)

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Vivek Agrawal.1840, Staff Elementalist with full ascended gear, complete zerker. I can do raid whatever time you are doing but i have only done vale guardian and the w3 escort. have not even attempted others yet. Also if there is a practice/training raid, I am up for it.


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Raka here.

In game Rakija.7348

Char: Rakijana

Warrior, PS, ascended armor (no helmet)

Following meta PS

Evening friday from 18-22 all good


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name: clue.4163

Raid experience: killed VG, gorse, escort, kc and learning sloth now

Raid experience and full asc gear on Chrono, rev, necro (chrono is zerk geared but i can also tank)

other classes with asc gear but less raid experience: druid, guardian and ps warrior

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Hey I have did raids a few times with pugs, Most of the time it goes horribly wrong and everyone scatters like mice but I have managed killed a few bosses.

Killed VG (twice), Gorseval (once) and Escort/McLeod (once).

Classes I've played in raids mainly Warrior (PS), Chrono 2nd (dps), Rev (herald).

The only 2 classes i'm not that good with are engi/scrap and ranger/druid.

Willing to learn them if required.



See you in the mists


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Name: Dizzo.4795

Age : 34

Location: Italy 

Hi, I've been playing gw2 since 2012 and been raiding on world of warcraft a long time ago with a hardcore guild. I came back a few months ago on gw2 after a little break of a year or so and been focusing on achievements since then. A lot of new content wich i wasnt expecting got me very occupied these past 2 months such as HoT story and all the achievements related to it. I then searched for a comunity that was able to lead the triple trouble event and came accross this amazing community. 

Now that raids have been introduced into gw2, i'm more than very excited to be part of a squad that runs it. i'm good with ingame reflexes and listen carefully on instructions. I have a few level 80s built up on my account but mainly played my ranger for pve and pvp and guardian for WvW. I'll be more than happy to study and learn all that needs to know about druid healer ranger.


Thank you for taking your time to read this application.



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Hey hey everyone :)

Last week went great during the escort raid, and I would like to continue trying for this.

So this friday we will be going again for it :)

I made a signup sheet for people that would like to join

All you have to do is fill in a couple things on the friday night raid page tab and you are good to go :)

As said if we get more then 10 people we can look into making a second squad for it :)

I hope to see you all friday at the raid at 19:30 CET :)


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