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  1. Nights in Shiverpeaks can be really charming. <3
  2. So.. uh.. This is me aka the biggest scrub walking aroud Tyria - Carolinea (Kaja). This picture is from the awesome times I called Finland my home, hoping to come back soon!
  3. The insane party after the announcement of the Miss/Mister Tyria with the most fancy outfit!
  4. Carolinea

    Hey ^^

    Hello! It's nice to see people from my country around here! Welcome.
  5. This is my main that I currently run around Tyria with - the norn revenant called Eirra Wolfborn. I love snow and everything frosty, so I decided to go with these colors. However, I feel like I need a change as I have been using this combo for quite a while. So, if anyone has a recommendation for cool looking heavy armor, hit me up!
  6. Hello! If by any chance you need one more person for Saturday or a revenant (herald), I would join as well. IGN: Carolinea.4671 character called Eirra Wolfborn Experience: Tried the mechanics only, haven't succeeded yet. Class: Herald If there is free spot: Saturday
  7. This is how my puppy Lexie grew up to a full time model.
  8. Hello Susi! Yes it was me talking about Kajaani!
  9. Hello Aerlevi! It's nice to see my country neighbour here hehe. ^^ And yes, your account name is awesome, combining basically the two best things in the world!
  10. Thanks for all the welcomes! ^^ Well, I like the classic ones (mainly Tolkien) but lately I have been really liking The Demon Cycle by Peter V. Brett - the first book is called The Painted Man. The series is very interesting. Aside from the fantasy ones, I also recommend Paulo Coelho's books! About my shiba inu, here is my best buddy! ^^
  11. I've read the Inheritance series, even tho it has been a while! And thank you for the offer, I am always looking for people to do fractals with! About the art.. maybe if I find something presentable hehe. ^^
  12. Hello guys, my name is Carolinea, I am 21 years old and I come from a tiny country called the Czech Republic. I am currently a student in my last year of the university studying on faculty of economics. I am generally an outgoing person in real life, but I stay in my shell a lot when it comes to games, because I feel a bit shy there. ^^ That's why I usually don't speak a lot on TS, but I will try to change that. I have been in the community for several weeks, so I thought I step up my game and be more social! You can mainly see me on my character called Eirra Wolfborn or my new guardian Eirra Spiritblade. I usually just derp around, do fractals (my favorite <3) and try to force myself to do map completion. I also love to spend gold on skins (I know). I love travelling hence I spent one year during my studies abroad in two different countries - Finland and Portugal. I absolutely adore snow and everything that comes with it (that's why I attempt to be a good snowboarder hehe). My other hobbies mainly include games, books (fantasy ones), learning new languages, drawing when I feel like it (I try!), sleep (I love it too much I would say), doing music (I play in orchestras and stuff ^^) and I also like to write silly stories to myself. My life is also influenced by my best buddy aka my shiba inu (yes, the doge) that I am a proud owner of. It's just an excuse to have a fox when you can't have a real fox at home haha. I also own other animal creatures, but that's another story. So, this is my introduction in a nutshell. See you around! Carolinea P. S. Thank you for your amazing work on this community, I have been having a lot of fun! <3


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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