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  1. Hello and welcome Hope u'll find a guild that suits you.
  2. Jomika

    Hello :D

    Hello and welcooome
  3. Jomika

    Reveal yourself

    Haha, yeah it's amazing It's gonna be sent out to around 200 people at the university so that's gonna be intressting Oh, female. Is there a male redhead? Aaw, thank u!
  4. Jomika

    Reveal yourself

    Now look at those awesome sweaters! It's december - YAAAY Oh, and btw, this picture contains 3 DV members. @MrFlowerbranch is the one furthest to the left and @auuus is the one furthest to the right. ^^ And I'm still the redhead. [Coo] represent!
  5. Wouldn't know. Don't listen to radio. ^^ And since it's december <3 (FINALLY - I can open my chocolate calender...)
  6. Ow!! I love them! Hello fellow swedish person! And I'm just gonna add my latest obession:
  7. Jomika

    Reveal yourself

    Oh, old pics u say?
  8. @Xathrid Sorry to inform you but theese raids were in March
  9. until

    Love love love.


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