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Community Weekend Screenshot Contest! - Pink Day & Halloween

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This is the official screenshot contest thread for October 22nd (Pink Day) and October 23rd (Halloween Community Day)!

It will be unlocked on the day of the events, on the 22nd!

Entry guidelines:

  • Post your favorite screenshots from either Pink Day or our Community Day on Halloween here by replying to the thread!
  • 10 entries per person maximum please ^^ (recommended 5 per day :3)
  • The contest will stay open for 14 days after the event, closing on the 6th of November, and the winner will be announced on the 14th of November!

All contest entries will be posted on the OpenCommunity tumblr after the event, with the winner & runners up receiving special mentions! :D

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Strike-a-pose, "The Nan"


Strike-a-pose, Petrified under the Mad Moon


Strike-a-pose, One Plank To Rule Them All

Screenshot 2016-10-22 20.22.44.png

Some synchro dancing


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Hey guys, i finally managed to pick 10 out of my over 300 screenshots and upload them...


(I consider the picture with all the dead people a bonus, hence did not count it) :)


On a side note: I absolutely love your shots above, they are all excellent - jury will have a hard time picking a winner for sure.


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Hey everyone!

It's my pleasure to announce the winner of the screenshot contest!

@Walec, with this masterful shot of everyone getting ready to kick off the Pink Day celebrations in style!



We also have two honorable mentions:

Another one of Walec's:


And one from @Zenty!


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