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  1. One of my favorite tracks ever since I first heard it, and it keeps getting better the more I listen to it:
  2. Heya Lorelai, seen you at a ton of our events which is always nice to see. I'm glad you like it here! See you ingame!
  3. Cause it hasn't worked, people have been asked from the beginning to be reasonable with the amount of animals they keep.
  4. Hey welcome, we're glad to have you and hope to see you on our TTs more often!
  5. Doomsday


    Hello, welcome and good to have you here finally then! I don't think I've seen you around yet but I'm sure that'll happen if you manage to stick around. In any case, enjoy your stay!
  6. Looks very nice, very cute style.
  7. I really like how the sword matches my character: [img
  8. I'm impressed, that's almost a more coordinated line-up than the screenshots at our Tyria Pride event!
  9. I've got more but I just need to sort through em, but here's one:
  10. It opens fine for me in the Windows Photo's app. Also 2 of those are the same picture!
  11. Hi! Add me please: Doomsday#3353 Lelling: Confirmed
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