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  1. Or was this all just a cruel dream after years of experimentation?
  2. Yeah yeah yeah...it's late, I know. But hey, better late than never
  3. Hi everyone, I guess it's about that time for me to introduce myself XD. I am BrokenFayth, known as Fayth amongst mostly everyone . Not all that much to say though... I am 24 at the moment (for the next few months at least). I started playing GW2 about a year ago (free account), played for a few months, then I got tired of not having full access so I got myself Heart of Thorns and been playing almost everyday since then. I quite enjoy playing RPGs but my favourite are JRPGs such as Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, HyperDimension and many more. I also watch a lot of Anime, I haven't been watching a lot recently as I have been on that Guild Wars tip (but I need to start again). I do generally listen to Metal, but there is non-metal music that I do listen to. As most of you probably know, I am one of the Commanders for TT, our team is a great group of people . I'm glad I decided to sign up for it. So yeah...if you need some help or anything that I am able to help, you can just ask And yeah...Thank you, I hope to see you in game or whatever (and my bad if this was a measly introduction...I never know how to do this)
  4. He closed his eyes briefly, and when he reopened them, his entire room was upside-down
  5. I couldn't find how to post anything XD. So I just used my face as my profile picture


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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