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  1. Welcome to the community
  2. yeah would like to do some gw1 again as well especially dungeons used to really enjoy them in gw1 also would like to get my HoM up to at least 30
  3. very nice video would like to see more
  4. hey all , My name is Andrew and i recently joined dv . My in game name is either promith or crazyscot. I enjoy most of guild wars dungeons fractals and event maps :). i play most evenings depending on if i am working or not .
  5. i started using promith in "soldier of fortune 2" my first main fps game as i used to use promethius but was too many characters and it just kinda stuck . My other character name is crazyscot and use that because i am Scottish.
  6. i play but never really played competitive but play casual matches a lot would be interested in joining some competitive matches though if any wants.Have added you both on steam link to my steam profile promith
  7. watched this because of this post very good show .Wish there was more though
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