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  1. Well you know, I guess someone's gotta do it ;D Discuss league, find a party, rant about your latest ranked game. But to get discussion going, who's your favourite champ and why?
  2. @Lelling I have several Ral's, tough Niv-Mizzet is my bae personally. Crazy intelligent, end-justifies-the-means scientist dragon with a love for lightning and blowing things up? I am so in Also Shadowrun was the reason I fell in love with the asian cyberpunk aesthetic in the first place, that rpg is just so soo awesome and I am very sad I haven't had the chance to play in ages.
  3. @Arvinthir They might very well be :0 I don't actually know where they're from.
  4. @lelling Ral is love, Ral is life, aka. Izzet represent! I'm just gonna link my desktop cause for my it's the combo of my two screens that do it x3 I am hella in love with the asian cyberpunk aesthetic.
  5. Potato webcam quality go!
  6. I've looked everywhere I thought it could be and still no luck, hopefully someone else can find you ^^
  7. I really fell in love with the music, even though the lyrics are questionable at times
  8. Found you And for mine, one of my favourite places :3
  9. until
    Teamspeak: Optional Coordinator: Wintersreach Come join us on ts as we try to chase down the mysterious skritt burglar and find Kri'chta's stolen Dowsing Rod! Retrospective Runaround is a jumping puzzle that stretches through most of Silverwastes, with a dive point at the very end of it. Teamspeak is not required for this event, but we'd love to hang out with you all in a laid-back and chill afternoon event.
  10. I guess the main thing a lot of people look at is wether a guild is PvP, PvE, PvX, RP or WvW-focused (and if WvW what server they're on). So I think that's where I'd start if I were to sort guilds
  11. I do like a little bit of don't starve every once in a while so this sounds like a great idea to me c:
  12. I learned a little memory trick that helped me figure out am/pm stuff. The gist of it is am = at morning and pm = past midday. Maybe it can help you as well ^^
  13. Welcome to the forums Vidarr! I'm really glad to hear that you feel at home here with OC. I kinda had the same thing before I found them, not really clicking with any guild or not having a lot of people to talk to online ^^,
  14. By the end of this everyone on the forums will have an icon by you Atila! and they all look amazing <3
  15. Shamelessly stealing your formatting ;3 Friend Code » 0903 3006 6360 Avaliable to do Mystery Dungeon rescues (Blue/Red, Time/Darkness, Gates of Infinity) so feel free to pm me if you happen to be in a pinch c: ADDED


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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