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Bibi Icons for ts and da world~ [COMMISSIONS CLOSED]

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On ‎06‎/‎02‎/‎2016 at 8:29 PM, Atila said:

Uhm I need a pic of you chara^^° please post it in this thread.


Sorry, struggled with the upload (thought I did include it initially)

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This is amazing! Thank you for doing that for us :D

Here is my main character.


I cant wait for the result^^

(i would pay you 50g for each painting if i could have more than one! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

(still thank you for doing this! :D:D )


I LOVE IT!  (but what is your in-game name?)

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Please may I have one Atila? They are so squishy and cute! 

I hope this picture is clear enough, if not I'll take another ^_^



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On 2/10/2016 at 2:43 AM, AoiHex said:

gw051 (2).jpg

That's a very good look you got going on there *fans self*

...I need to make another human character RIGHT NOW ._.

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That's a very good look you got going on there *fans self*

...I need to make another human character RIGHT NOW ._.

Why thank you <3

I was playing around with the wardrobe and then I happened to look at the new hairstyles online....all of a sudden it occurred to me what I must do. I must input my credit card details and create this immediately.



....So I did ^_^

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Ive seen the bibis and fallen in love so wanted to do a request and hope you will do one for me aswell in due time. ^^ I will provide some of the pictures for my main but would first like to say you are doing an amazing thanks and thanks for helping the community out ^~^


Idk. if you started with it alredy if so the old pics are in quote. >< I did a small change yesterday on it, a bit lighter and tiny tone in haircolour, (also made her taller) But Ill provide some smaller easier pics. Really looking forward to it ^~ 








Old are still here if you need them~







If you are in need of more screens or anything just tell. Yet agian thanks ~~


/Tobi (Audio/Prideoh)

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Yay, thank you! I love it. :D

Though, I just realised I don't know/can't find your account name or will just "Atila" work?

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omg! i just noticed you completed mine ^-^ 
its Amazing, i LOVE it :D 
Can you reply with your account name so i can send the gold? i don't know when you are online c:

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Hey there ! I would love to get this ^^ But dont bother to do it quick Im just a lazy leecher, but Ill pay you well :3

[Edit] I changed the character, I think you didn't have time to start the artwork so :3








I know the last picture ain't good for the artwork but I think its funny capture ! ^^

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I really love your work, it looks so awesome <3

If you picking this whole thing up again, I would looooooooove to have an Icon for my Char, which is this one:




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I know commissions are closed, but if they open up again could you draw her please? You don't have to make me priority (me being a trainee), whenever you do it I'll be happy :D 
Thanks a lot <3

(The thing is a visor (panscopic monocle) not an eyepatch )





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added more pics

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yes, also I know that the commissions are closed. But the hope prevails, that you have enough time and motivation to create also my avatar in a not too far future. ^^

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,



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