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  1. Daus


    I don't know if I want to spend 40 euro to get it, but I like it. I am usually playing tank characters or support. Zenyatta and D.Va allow me to bring my a-game on.
  2. Daus


    There is a Discord server for Open Community already, I believe.
  3. I don't know either. Someone else above mentioned it. I thought I had missed something and didn't feel like double checking. EDIT: I looked at the thread again, and I see that no one mentioned it. Where did I even see it? Might have been a misread on my part. Probably my brain registered the better rewards as that. Disregard it. Brain farts are a regular occurrence.
  4. All of my characters have names from my book series, which I am still writing, to this day. It also explains why they look a bit weird. The only deviation is in my Charr characters. The first names are from my series, and then I put a warband name as a second. EDIT: Okay, I realise that's a cop-out, so I guess I'll write a few more things about each character. Dausen is the name of a blacksmith in the series, Dausen Skerdin. He's not a main character, hardly even a secondary character, but I was sure that his name would be approved in the CC. I've developed the character a lot more since then though, thanks to the relevance. Draksen Skerdin, my necromancer, is obviously related to Dausen. Familial bonds and such. In the series, Draksen is a priest, especially responsible for funeral rites. Not the most grim and dark character, really. Just a bit scruffy. Grobin the Stern, my mesmer, is based on a character called Grobin Begravas, who is part of the leadership of a region in the books. Doesn't make many appearances, but it's known that he's one of the less strict leaders, much to the chagrin of the others. Pasia Amberclaw is based on a character (human, at that), named Pasia Setren, main authority of a neutral faction in the story. Since she has abilities relating to fire, I went with Amberclaw as her warband name. Osrik Towermane, my guardian, is actually named after two characters. Osrik Sorran, the father of the leader of a desert clan of sorts, and my old Tauren Shaman from WoW, Towermane. Just liked the name for him in this case. No connection between the three whatsoever. Isker Softpaw, my ranger, is named after a character called Isker Sielas, who is also with the neutral faction. They have nothing in common though, other than the first name. Softpaw was given to him because of his silent walking. Rovar Intiol, my revenant, is named after a character with the exact same name, who is part of an insurgent faction in the story, fighting against the main military force of the realm. His abilities are kinda similar to a revenant's, so it works. Erion Tursen, my thief, is named after a character that is also part of an insurgent faction, only not the same as Rovar. There are many rebels, for many reasons, really. He is limited geographically though, remaining with his people in a village, and resisting the pressure from the nearby cities. Shimira Augusen would relate more to her story namesake if she were a ranger, but using a rifle requires a keen eye as well. Her namesake lives in the mountain region, and she is exceptional with the bow. She's also part of a military squad that resides in an overlook of the mountain and keeps watch for any strangers approaching. Kasian Diaken's namesake is a character that has a rather important role in the series. He's part of a royal guard in one of the regions, and before that he was one of those that made sure that there was still a region for someone to rule.
  5. Personally, I am really pleased with the changes, especially when it comes to the Warrior stuff. Now, wandering solo in HoT maps is a lot more viable, and it's great. I like the daily changes as well. They provide incentive to explore everything, or in my case, revisit all the places, instead of just popping to certain waypoints just for the sake of farming materials for 15 minutes. Speaking of farming, I also like the changes in the HoT maps and their rewards. I want to go there a lot more often, even though I spent so much time around the area anyway. Fractal overhaul and dungeon changes might be my favourite though. It makes me want to play the game more. I needed improved PvE content, and I am especially happy that I won't have to be in Swamplands of the Mists as often anymore. In fact, I am way more interested in going to Cliffside, now that they made it less of a chore. However, I am not sure that throwing gold at people will be good. It might lead to some severe inflation. I am still not sure though. I am watching the TP for a more complete opinion. Also, I hope that the increased ascended drop chance will actually give me some ascended. I've got to gear 9 more characters, and I am not going to craft every single thing that is needed.
  6. I haven't seen any mentions of that game in years, but I think that people will recall it. Used to be my favourite game back in the day, and that game is Crimson Skies. AIRPLANES! Half of my deaths in that game were because I crashed into things. Also, that game had the FIRST Nathan! By Nathan I mean "rugged roguish male protagonist called Nathan". Yeah, Mr. Drake, you are not the first.
  7. Daus


    What a round snout this cat has! And pretty eyes. So cute.
  8. Daus


    I'd say this is triple trouble. The white one is Dali, who made a guest appearance yesterday on TeamSpeak, because he just wouldn't stop yelling. The big one in the middle is Fang, who I've shown repeatedly to people. He's definitely a mama's boy, always sitting with her. He's an excellent cat, also really soft and fluffy. And then there's Roar, who I've introduced before, I think. He likes farting and he is a huge drama queen.
  9. I need to show off my new Mesmer, because I really really like looking at him.
  10. Well, okay. I just hope I'll manage to be up for it, because it's a bit early.
  11. until
    TeamSpeak: Optional Coordinator: Daus Finally we take the fight to Mordremoth! The dragon's minions await us, but with sword in hand and great resolve, we shall be victorious! Dragon's Stand is the fight against Mordremoth's final line of defense, featuring a three-lane battle reminiscent of the Marionette, the event requires a moderate amount of coordination, and is thus appropriate for all types of players!
  12. Your in-game name: Dausen Your experience level: None in GW2, lots of it in raiding in other games. What classes you can play: Condi warrior. If you want to join for the Saturday raid, the Sunday raid or both: Either of them, depends on the numbers.
  13. It's a combination of Rainmeter stuff. Mostly the Mass Effect theme, modified to suit my needs. And the clock is this.
  14. Like Lelling, I cropped my second screen as well. I hardly ever see the background anyway.


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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