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The Guildie Superthread!

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Hi, joined yesterday and only been playing the game for a week or two now. Still figuring out everything. Haven't even done a dungeon yet but was so impressed by the TT event lead mostly by DV's that I just had to join. Hope to meet more of you all in the coming period. :)


Ingame my char name is Xaverri Nilai (revenant at lvl 60 now...) and I have no clue what my account-name is :P xaverri.somethingnumbers

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Heya, joined recently. Been playing since launch but recently came back after a 3 year break. A veteran mmo player and have been raiding for over a decade by now, so hoping to get some more awesome pve done. Besides that I am a casual PvPer and RP when i can. Most of the gametime is however focused on working towards my Eternity, so let us see how many years pass before that gets done :D


Ingame char name: Thuran Thorgrimsson, Phalanx warrior, Thuran.7624


Let's go break some skulls and get us some loot! 

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Hey everybody, I'm Safety Dan!  I joined DV...erm, sometime recently.  Maybe a week or two ago.  I stumbled upon the guild when joining a Dragon's Stand map and spent some time joining the community's daily events before signing up.  As a former guild leader with far less time to play these days, I'm glad I've found such a warm and friendly guild where I can just relax and enjoy the game and the community.

And to go into a little more depth:

  • I'm primarily a PvE player (and despite thousands of hours of gaming I'm still a fractal noob and I've never joined a raid :o).
  • I enjoy WvW too (I'm on Piken Square, yay).
  • I'm a huge fan of Tyrian history and lore...no matter how inconsistent it gets.
  • I don't really main one single character so I will look like a million different people in guild chat.
  • I started to learn Finnish but got sidetracked and now I don't say much more than "Anteeksi, en ymmärrä. En puhu paljon suomea.  Olen englantilainen" - I full intend to continue learning someday.  Soon.
  • The only Dutch word I ever remember is pindakaas.
  • And lastly, I don't really farm alpacas, although I did discuss it with a friend as a genuine business idea.

In-game name: danjit.5048 | Safety Dan, Sarracenia Mordrema, Einarr Ironblood, Ainoa Tytär, Aino The Faithful, Kess The Wanderer, Grimm Bloodwalker, Kalia Blackthorn, Skaarn Irontooth, Triel Mizzrym, Brie Roquefort

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Hello Guildies! : ) I am Damian, from Szczecin, Poland. I joined DV like.. emm.. some days ago lol. I have lost something in game, and what I needed was community. I already have a nice guild Keepers of the Forgotten Wisdom [WISE], because Im a little bonded to the guild from GW1, which now is on GW2. Through last days I found warm and nice greetings and of course the atmosphere suits me in DV. Really enjoy it.

Maybe I am not that good at PVP, but I am really interesed in raids and PVE (whow! whos not? :D)


In-game name: Ethri.5973 / Ethrí, Dr Blȃze

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Hello everybody!

Oliver here (Gasap.9174).

Just recently joined DV (about 3 days ago I think). Real excited, haven't been part of a big guild for years. 

So my background for the game: started out playing the first Guild Wars and before I realized, I had spend over a thousand hours on it before GW2 came out. Safe to say it's one of my favourite and most played games ever. Of course I pre-purchased gw2 and been playing since beta on and off. Came back to the game last month after a year+ hiatus as life got in the way (health & job).

I love running dungeon, fractals and world bosses. I do them as much time allows. Working up my mesmer to start raiding at some points as well. Currently have only 2 main characters. My trusty warrior Gasap (who I've played almost exclusively up until now) and my shiny new charr mesmer Loo Meoriys.

On my off time (and for work), I like to code - mostly web stuff. So if any help is needed in that regard, let me know. Would love to help out.

I'll admit I'm a bit shy, but once I get to know you guys I promise I'll open up :)

In-game name: Gasap.9174 | Gasap, Loo Meoriys

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Welcome, welcome! Hope you guys enjoy your stay with us mad guildies. :D


Figure I'd best do an intro as well.. *taps mic*

I joined about a month or two ago (time flies when you're having fun), having not been in a large, active guild for quite some time.

IRL I'm a student, hopefully finishing school this summer and finding work as an equine bodyworker. Am currently in the middle of cramming for yet another round of exams, so game time is a rare commodity. :x  Past games include WoW (progression raider BC/WotLK), Rift (some raids, dungeons, instance building), SWTOR (raid healer), Terraria and a bunch of Final Fantasy <3.

In-game I'm usually running around the jungle on my necro, though suffer bedly from the dreaded Alt-itis (all 80s, but few with doable gear and builds). Favourite passtimes include dungeons whenever there's a guild group going, or world events. Used to raid quite a bit back in the day, but have since stepped back and prefer just the odd training run every so often. Give me a poke whenever I'm around if you need help or just some company.

Also, the hair balls scattered round the guild hall? I know nothing. :ph34r:


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Hey everybody.

I joined the guild today. I'm a huge Guild Wars fan since the beginning. Had a big pause and i am back in business now ;)

Ingame I'm normally play my Thief PvE(for me it is still Assassin :D ). Or my Twink the Revenant for PvP.
I'm not really a hardcore gamer but like to do everything that is possible. So you will see me doing Map completion, Story, Fractal, sPvP, blabla.

IRL i'm a Sysadmin for living and as a hobby I'm doing a lot of sports. Past games are GW, WoW ,FF and stuff like that.

Hope to see you in TS and ingame :)




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Hi there! Introduced myself in the OC Introduction section, however I'm proud to be a new member of [DV]!

My name is Micah, in-game you can find me at XechSt.3195. I'm a bonafide alt-a-holic, so expect to see me constantly levelling new characters. My most recent and cutest being Acolyte Siff, Asura Elementalist. I'm generally playing PVE and currently working on up-ing my personal Fractal level. I'm also partial to a little WvW (Aurora Glade).

I look forward to meeting y'all!


Additional: Tetsuya Naito of Los Ingobernables de Japon is my spirit animal.

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hey, did you remember me?

(naked norn)

i took a break on GWII 4-5 month ago. And you (logically) kicked me out of DV.

I wanted to now if i could come back to you :)



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Hi - I.m a young oldie from South Wales, love playing GW2. I used to play GW1 and really enjoyed the ability to have primary and secondary traits of different classes, which would make your char so diffferent to another (e.g. my partner and I had a monk/necro and a necro/monk and they were totally different!); it's such a shame that this couldn't be ported into GW2 but the devs said it couldn't be coded successfully :/

Nevertheless, GW2 is amazing - I'd love it even more if certain classes could be specced more directly for a particular skill (e.g. healing, tanking, etc). In DAoC the race you chose had a direct impact on the class and specialities you wanted to achieve, as the startinf stats (health, vitality, etc) would be weighted but that could lead to every warrior being a Thane and every healer being a Dwarf!! so not necessarily desirable without some tweaking perhaps ....

The classes and skilling in SWG was similar in that my Master Doctor was as weak as water and needed an escort into town to sell her medpacks. She was max level and could be killed by a level 1 mob as all her skill was in medicine and manufacturing. The crafting was fantastic ....

Over the past 15 years I have played GW1, SWG, DAoC, Age of Conan, Rift, Warhammer Online and now GW2. I took up GW2 whilst waiting for the eventual release of Camelot Unchained (a revamp of DAoC and for which I am a founder) but have fallen deeply in love with GW2 now ....

Anyway - for those of you who have not given up or fallen asleep :) I am looking forward to being in DV and joining in as much as possible.


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Hello ppl! I'm Marco, and I'm from Portugal and joined DV a month ago. Tks to DV and the open community I've done TT and some more events. My schedule is a little tight but when I can I join for the events and even done 2 guild missions (2 years break) :) My IG is Muppet.1904 and usually I'm playing my guardian Leon Faithclaw. I'm leveling my fractal lv (currently 36) and returning to wvw, my previous activity. 

Have fun and cya in game :)

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Hi from London! I go by Ivera and I joined TT on a whim and chance when a map shout went out in LA. From there, I was introduced to OC and DV and I never looked back. I play mostly my Ranger Ivera Howlstorm and mostly PvE with a current focus on Fractals but a long term goal of completing all the story achievements I missed when I spent 3 years away from GW2. I'm also looking to slowly get into raiding when the intros start showing up on the Raid Schedule again. So if anyone is interested in teaming up to master the HoT/PoF story achievements or running fractals (currently on T2), hit me up (kaiser ulv.4192). Let's play together!

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Hello All, 

Just coming up to the end of my first year as a DV member and now feel ready to do this :)

I've been a guild wars player since the very beginning of GW1 and i always loved the way you could just spend an hour or 2 just walking around a map or a city and finding something you have never seen before (still happens even after so many years :D ). I have been in many guilds in my time, players come and go guilds just disband or become uncomfortable to be in. So i still thank the great beyond for the day i ran across an OC triple trouble event. It was so refreshing to find a group of people who were not just in it for themselves, but truly love the game and want to share that love an appreciation with as many other players as possible.

My in game name is Greystone, most people call me grey, and all of my characters have this last name so i'm always easy to find. Quite often i was just be sitting ontop of a mountain or a building enjoying the view, so if you need help with a Hero Point or just a guide from way-point A to way-point B then please give me a shout, i might need to quickly change char depending on where you are but will always be my pleasure to spend come help you.

I don't do pvp or raids etc so i wont be much help with builds or armour, but if you would like to know a little of the lore of the game or to take a walk through the desert, i'm your guy!!

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Uh, oh, how come I have never seen this before?!

So, hello. I am Vill, nice to meet you everyone. If you've been coming to OC events during last month, you should know me, since I am Junior Commander at Event Team! I recently joined also TT Team, so you may see me there more often soon!

I am from Poland, Silesia District, but now I am living in Warsaw. I'm working on Clinical Trials for one of the biggest Pharmaceutical companies in the world. But I am not the scientist, I manage data that comes from trials from all around the world, so it is more office work than anything else.

Gaming is one of my hobbies, and I played GW2 with (long) breaks for 5 years now. I started after beta and currently I am actively playing again since August. This time I met OpenCommunity and finally I feel like I have something to do in this game after I reach lvl 80. It's more fun with people :D

In DV since late September. Currently I am working on my build and cash - recently I spent a lot of money for commander tag and some of the collection items that rarely drop, so I can get my ascended thingies quickly. If you need any help or just want to do the Fractals on weekends (MONEY MONEY MONEY), let me know :D

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