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What are you listening to right now?

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Oh Lelling you posted Amanda Palmer! I haven't heard her since The Dresden Dolls days. Nice.


For my first song I proudly present a 'song' by one of my many fandoms, the Vlogbrothers: John and Hank Green!


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I don't know where to put this, so I guess I'll do it there.

For any interested, who didn't already know this, YouTube has introduced a loop feature a while ago! You simply right-click on a video and select loop! Enjoy :D


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@otretas, for me personally that's because I find WT a bit bland.. a few good songs, but the rest so so similar all the time :\

still enjoy it once in a while though. 


but for now:

A7X was a band I was missing :P

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Saw this guy live a few months ago in a small club. This guy and his band blew my mind with their musicianship and mastery over their instruments. Truly worth checking out!

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