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  1. Lol ended up hearing a bit of this and Soar couldn't help but not also look this video too MIKA - Love Today
  2. Aye, Soar isn't regretting buying it yet, but wanna see how it fair's after some time has passed and people have calmed down a little in terms of hype train ^^.
  3. Given that the Open Beta's up between May 5th and May 9th I though I better chuck a post up to help make people aware and hopefully help people who are interested and get something organised or perhaps discuss their impressions :D. Not going to pretend I'm overly informed as I'm not, but for those who may be interested or want to take a look, there is also the link below ^^ https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/blog/20100169/
  4. Yeah, managed to squeeze out a cycle a while ago while hitting deadlines Otherwise I'm feeding my inability to play by watching 2 youtubers I've stuck with since Demons Souls ^^ EpicNameBro and AGermanSpy
  5. Welcome ^^ Got a specific favorite among the Bioshock games? Personally loved 2 the most myself "Mr B, Mr B, Big Sister doesn't want you playing with me" https://youtu.be/2-nInbioFaM?t=8m15s
  6. Hehe more NA players ^^ Welcome to Forums ^^
  7. Hehe, I suppose the easier thing to say is, its better with friends More water blast is more fun ^^, I'd recommend looking at auramancers stuff also, I've got mine setup with Ascended Celestial Gear and have had a fair bit of fun with Aura's despite it not being an optimal PvE build (The one I'm using at least xD), some parties will also have quite a bit of fun with the aura's themselves doing things like running straight up the deadly stairs in the Uncategorized Fractal for example (Magnetic Aura reflects the lighting strips straight back up and is good for the harpies ^^). Good thing is you enjoy it mostly! Once had fun when we had a Clerics Warrior and Clerics Ele some time ago spamming Ice_Bow's at Mai Trin in a pre HoT Expansion level 50, face tanking was great (1k heal from the Ice bow on the Warrior adn Ele helped me thinks :P)
  8. Honestly have to say GW2 is rather nice when it comes to getting started etc. Welcome to the Community!
  9. Welcome Shivaana! Support is always good ^^, got a preferred profession for it? The idea of shout healing has always been amusing to me in concept "HEAL!" *Wounds close under the pressure*
  10. Welcome to the forums! The hair confuses Soar
  11. Welcome Shogun, Hehe, Asura... big headed little know it alls xD. Still there are some fun perks of being a none Asura, those powerful brains get slowed down by all that overconfidence and ignorance sometimes ^^. Gotta love em I suppose Oola's scene from GW1 shows a nice example ^^ (For those of you that want to play it and not have any of EoTN ruined I'd recommend not watching below because cut-scenes)
  12. Heya Mitch, welcome to the forums ^^ Would worry about being a "casual" that's kinda one of the points of GW2's targeted audiences after all, amongst others ^^ As for teeth, well most us Charr have pointy teeth. Just remember while Charr may do many things, one thing they do not do, is eat the none lesser races (and probably not lesser ones either). That's more of a krait thing!
  13. Well, it is a Souls game Provided I get a bit more time, I'll more than likely also be playing 3 when it comes out ^^
  14. Well I kinda don't blame you on that front, though the main person I understand people look to when it comes to the series (Hidetaka Miyazaki) only supervised the making of DS2 as opposed to DeS, DS1 and Bloodborne, so there is a lot of increased confidence from certain groups. Personally I don't see it being as big a deal as most make out on that front, though I am inclined to agree that I did notice the missing subtleties (is that spelt right?) when it came to Dark Souls 2, something just felt a bit too off even though I still enjoyed that game a lot.
  15. Hehe, tis much better without its lyrics in my opinion.
  16. Welcome Funnynel! Really like the pic ^^
  17. Welcome Aerlevi! I wouldn't worry too much about your English, its the only language I speak and you'd be surprised how bad I am with it ^^
  18. Welcome to the forums Nukkuu! Saw Dark Souls on the list Looking forward to 3?
  19. Welcome Carolinea! Thats one happy doggy also
  20. Welcome Fay ^^! More GW love is always good Is that a snake I see in the avatar?
  21. Welcome to the community Ghost! Very glad to see the post you put up for Black Desert ^^


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